TRS Graphics updated

My TRS One 280 was looking very “last Year” so it was time for an update.

As soon as i saw the 2018 bikes i knew what style mine was going to have to be !

Thanks to Steve Saunders at TRS UK for ordering and supplying the graphics so quickly after the 2018 launch … i left a couple of the ’17 graphics on just to make my bike a little different.

My TRS in 2018 trim

2018 TRS ridden .. and it’s lovely!


Me on the 2018 TRS – One !

Thanks to Steve and James Saunders I had a quick play on the 2018 TRS ONE last weekend …

Lots of little tweaks have made it even better, the standard rear shock is better tuned than last years and the ignition is changed that makes it run and start better … there are several other tweaks but these were the stand out things on a quick ride.

More soon …


Out with the old … !

Well both Fantics have been sold and I now ride one of these new fangled modern type thingy’s 🙂

For several reasons I just wanted to return to a modern bike for a while, I am 52 this year and figure i only have another perhaps 5 years of riding some of the slightly harder stuff and i was finding that the extra weight of the old bikes was not being kind to my joints … especially my knackered knee!

The TRS weighs over 30 kilos less than the 300 and 15 kilos less than the 305, and having reliable brakes, clutch, suspension and electrics was the killer blow for the old bikes.

I still have a TR34 Beta that i think i will be rebuilding and perhaps riding once in a while, but that will be a winter project as i am having too much fun playing on the TRS …


One has to go!

Something has been mulling around my brain for a while, something I didn’t really want to admit too .. I am not enjoying riding the twinshocks now that I have been out playing on the 305 !!

Because I just had the 300 at the time I was riding local twinshock events, but eventually I was getting a bit bored and frustrated with them. For obvious reasons they are generally fairly easy and I just want to throw the bike up something bigger or more technical at times, so I stopped riding events for 4 months and just went up to the Zona 1 quarry practice area where I could try some rocks etc. But the problem then arose that the extra weight of the bike started to cause my knee some issues and more often than not I would choose to ride the mono as it was not only lighter but also had better brakes, quicker engine and fair better suspension.

I had always said I would like to keep a 300 as it was the best twinshock I had back in the day and I won many club events and a couple of championships on one back in 1984, but the reality is that I don’t have the space to just keep one in the garage and no-where in the house that I could display it .. even if Jo would let me 🙂

The painful decision is that the white 300 is being sold, it has a new home to go to already. Sad but the right decision. I know I would be better off having a modern bike but can’t justify the cost of one, and I enjoy riding the 1989 305 against modern bikes as well as the option of riding in some twinshock club events on the aircooled mono class.

You never know I may end up with something newer as well, but the 305 is staying. It will get a better engine soon and gradually smartened up, but I am enjoying it as it is for now.

First test of the 305

Steve Saunders giving the 305 a quick test
Steve Saunders giving the 305 a quick test

A request to travel up to the Zona 1 mcc practice quarry to take some images for the Trial Magazine gave me the opportunity to get the 305 out for it’s maiden voyage !
I have just had the barrel re-plated by Langcourts in Weston-Suepr-Mare and Bob Wright supplied a new set of piston rings, so the engine was much quieter now and needed a few hours on it to bed in.

The test for the magazine was on the TRS machinery that Steve Saunders imports, so with him on-site it was common sense to ask an ex Fantic Works rider to give the bike it’s first run and advise.
I had put the bike together basically to see if i had all the needed parts and they worked so i hadn’t actually tested or adjusted anything, it was also fitted with a prototype Hagon rear shock absorber that we are helping to develop so all feedback to them is very helpful.

I won’t go into the detail as it would then make it rather pointless for me to write the article for the magazine … but Steve gave some great advice on front and rear suspension setting, and it was noted that the clutch is probably due some new plates and springs. But other than that all was good .. and the engine is very nice, but i am building a better one to slot in there shortly.

I had a two hour ride after the photoshoot was done and really enjoyed it, amazing how much lighter it feels than the 300 ! I have been getting a little bored with the twinshock events around here as they don’t like to put much hard stuff in the sections so the idea is to ride this 305 in modern bike trials and have a challenge again.

Many thanks to Steve Saunders, John Hulme from the Trial Magazine, Boyeson, Langcourts and Hagon for their help with the 305 … plus more who will all be mentioned when the articles start to flow ! Keep an eye on the Classic Trial Magazine for more news ..