Change of seasons, change of style !

Although i only changed the graphics on my bike back in September, once i had seen the 2018 TRS rr in the flesh i just knew that i wanted to try those graphics on a bare alloy frame!

I am not totally in love with the white frame on the rr model, i think the bare alloy looks much nicer .. although i still would love to do a black frame version! .. and i am also now getting annoyed that everyone is riding a TRS 🙂 So far i haven’t seen locally a silver framed rr look-alike, and it would at least allow me to find my bike when parked up with all the others before the sections.

So Steve Saunders at TRS UK supplied the new 2018 rr graphics, and i have to say they do look nice on the bare frame. Yes i know i don’t have the new engine and other updates, but i do have the Reiger shock at least ! .. So i sort of have a new bike, not that the differences could help my riding standard anyway 😀  … oh, and the airbox side and rear graphics are also available direct from SXS (see photo below somewhere for under mudguard shot)

The eagle eyed will spot from the full right hand side image a red disc guard on the rear. Facebook friend Reece Talbot is a handy man with a 3d printer and has been making up some parts for various trials bikes .. he has also done some front mudguard spacers for me that aren’t fitted yet. If you fancy anything for your bike track him down via facebook and just ask.

The red goes well with the Jitsie water pipes and the extra red that is in the new graphics, and thanks to Ivor Webb we have a matching fuel vent pipe !! I must apologise to Ivor for dirt that is on my bike in these photos, he is a master cleaner and wouldn’t be seen with a bike this dirty … i suspect he returns to the van after each lap of a trial and washes his off!!

So for the time being this is how my bike looks, no guarantees it will be like it for long but i do like it like this. I do still keep going back to the black frame idea though … something like the image below, i wonder ……