Clearance Items …

We have a few items in stock here that are clearance or end of line.

The last remaining pair of the EDG TopTrialTeam riding jeans.. size medium but they do come up a little small compared with normal UK sizing.

Also a selection of TopTrialTeam graphics .. the 2013 and 2010 Beta Evo team kits. The 2010 kit will fit Evo’s from 2009 to 2012, but looks best on the white plastics of the 2010 model. The 2013 will fit 13 and 14 year models.

Also there are a few of the wheel rim graphics kits … they will fit just about any trials bike and have just the TopTrialTeam name on them and not Beta. Each kit has enough graphics to do front and rear wheels both side plus a couple spare if you wreck them changing a tyre or sliding down a rock !!

Email me for prices including postage – [email protected]