CSP – Lovely Engineered Products

Those with a long memory will recall my Beta Evo in 2010, this quickly changed colour and also become a rolling advert for CSP cnc machined alloy parts.

CSP stands for Costa Special Parts which is part of engineering firm OM Costa, started and owned by Giovanni Costa. His interest in off-road motorcycling led the company to form CSP to provide competition parts to improve performance and appearance of the machines.

Now we roll forward nearly 10 years and via Instagram I made contact with them again. They very kindly organised a pair of their bigfoot hi-traction footrests to replace my bent and worn S3 pair. The hi-traction pair are angled 7 degrees forward and set 10mm further back … and the big foot bit is because they are wider. They come with a row of stainless steel grub screws inserted to keep your boots firmly in contact. And as with every CSP product they are beautifully made.

The Big Foot Hi-Traction Footrests
Big Foot Hi-Traction Footrests

After receiving these, via the CSP UK distributor Splatshop, I just had to have some more! It was time to remove some of the red parts on my bike, and since I had had the triple clamps anodised gold it was decided to go with that theme…. I can’t afford a proper TRS Gold so may as well try and make my own 🙂

Airscrew adjuster

So on to the Splatshop website I went and ordered brake master cylinder covers, lever adjuster set, Keihin carb airscrew and bar ends. I’d recently fitted white Domino grips but really wasn’t convinced. So BVM supplied me with a set of the S3 clamp on grips, which meant bar ends were required.

Bar end, grips, lever adjusters and caps fitted

A day later the package arrived, and like a kid i ran into the garage to fit them ! I think i now have the “francisco” disease, i’ve started to look through the CSP catalogue to see what else I can’t afford 🙂

As expected they all fitted perfectly, the adjusters have the neat touch of a rubber ‘o’ring to give better purchase especially when wearing gloves.

‘o’ring on adjuster clearly visible

Never used these S3 tri-fix grips before, but have been using clamp on grips on mountain bikes for years. Wonder why it too so long to move onto the motos? .. anyway, not sure if i am still supposed to wire them on for security but I will do to be sure that I won’t end up with a hand full of grip and no bar on the first step i try !!

My TRS 280 in it’s full glory

These parts now compliment the CSP Fuel tank cap and radiator cap that i had previously fitted, i may add the lever clamps and possibly the larger water pump kit in the near future … let’s see !

View or download the latest CSP Trials catalogue HERE