Out with the old … !

Well both Fantics have been sold and I now ride one of these new fangled modern type thingy’s 🙂

For several reasons I just wanted to return to a modern bike for a while, I am 52 this year and figure i only have another perhaps 5 years of riding some of the slightly harder stuff and i was finding that the extra weight of the old bikes was not being kind to my joints … especially my knackered knee!

The TRS weighs over 30 kilos less than the 300 and 15 kilos less than the 305, and having reliable brakes, clutch, suspension and electrics was the killer blow for the old bikes.

I still have a TR34 Beta that i think i will be rebuilding and perhaps riding once in a while, but that will be a winter project as i am having too much fun playing on the TRS …