Welcome to r2wtrials and r2wracing …
This site started life back in the 90’s as somewhere to post images of our small group who started cycle trials (biketrials) … we were scattered around the west country and at the time it was the most convenient way to share the images and stories between us as Facebook etc wasn’t really a thing!

Time marches on and most of us got too old or sensible for cycle trials but most of us also had been riding motorcycle trials for many years, and that’s what we still do !

Lately a few of us have been riding not just modern bikes but also older 80’s trials bikes, having been through the twinshock “rose tinted glasses” phase, and realising the best bit was building them and not riding them a couple of us now ride late 80’s air cooled monos.

… a very recent toe has been dipped into the electric trials market, I had been using the new Mecatecno Dragonfly demonstration machine from Mecatecno Uk . Finding that not only was the bike much lighter in weight than even the lightest 2 strokes but one battery has been giving me more than enough time to ride club trials or 4 hour plus practice rides it convinced me to part with my money and buy one !

A few months later and I am completely hooked, working directly with the factory has resulted in installation of new software that has added anti-rollback and inertia features. These have made the bike even easier to swap to from conventional fuelled machines. And I can’t believe the amount of grip I’ve been finding.

I also have to say that it’s enabled me to ride much sooner after damaging my knee yet again because of the weight, ease of use and lack of kickstart or hot bits to fall on to !

If you are in the West Country region and ever fancy a ride on it just ask at any event I may be attending. You need to open your mind and just go play … some small adaptations to riding certain types of sections will be required but it’s not a big step as most imagine. I’m sure if this getting close to 60 year old can do it anyone can 😀