Riding wear update ..

Me, all smart looking !
Me, all smart looking !

This season I will mainly be wearing .. MOTS jacket, jeans and shirt with S3 gloves (all available from TED if your local dealer doesnt stock them) and Forma Boulder boots. On the head department I have a choice. For rainy and the colder days i have a MOTS helmet, it doesn’t have that many vents all over it so although a bit hotter to wear I don’t get the rain pouring in, and also an Airoh carbon kevlar as seen in the photo to the right. I now have used these for a while so can report back on them …

After many years having to wear cargo/enduro style jeans because of my knee brace it has been lovely to get back to the much more comfy and cooler stretchy type that is more common amongst us trials riders. I only need a soft neoprene style knee brace now and these fit under the MOTS jeans perfectly. These jeans also have an extra little bit of padding around the knee and down towards the shin which not only helps a little with knocks but also prevents the material showing too much wear around these areas. Another advantage of going back to the stretchy in-boot style jean is that I no longer occasionally catch the bottom of the leg on the footrest whilst taking a quick dab !! Those who use clip-on pedals on mtb bikes will no doubt be familiar with the falling slowly off the side of the bike because you can’t get you foot out bit … well, I have done that once of twice in the recent past .. hopefully no more 🙂

heath_fanticThe MOTS shirt is very comfortable and is king of aerated … I tend to use a compression top underneath even in the summer so it helps with air flow. The collar is nicely designed to not rub against the neck whilst riding and of course it all matched the jeans nicely.

Just started using the S3 gloves and they are very comfortable and seem hard wearing, they have little pleats around the knuckles of the first two fingers which should help prevent stress and wear on the clutch and brake fingers. The small velcro style closure works a treat and doesn’t catch on anything else whilst riding.

As previously posted the Forma boots are lovely and comfy, and the straps and fixings are probably the easiest I have every used. Even with muddy and wet fingers they open, close and adjust easily. No sign of any wear on the soles yet from the footrests, but they stay on the admittedly crap standard Fantic footrests well.

Nothing really needs to be said about the Airoh helmet … probably one of the most popular lids around at present. Light weight, very comfy, washable interior and the big vents allow the heat to escape nicely. So far, so good for this seasons fashion wear 🙂