These boots were made for … riding !

A quick word on the new boots i have now been wearing for a couple of weeks …


Now had 3 rides in the new Forma Boulder boots and nothing but praise for them so far. Straight out of the box they were comfortable, very little wearing-in required. Grip is good on and off the bike and the buckles are possibly the easiest and nicest design i have ever used.

A neat touch is the extra padded bit around the ankle, having had the big old Fantic fall onto my leg and trapping me against some Cotswold stone i am happy to say that my ankle never felt a thing ! The elasticated top prevents mud and water running too easily down into the boot and also allows my knee brace to fit just into the top of the boot.

So far I haven’t been riding only to glance down and see a buckle hanging undone … something i have experienced on other boots.

The retail price looks very reasonable … they are distributed by Apico so most UK Trials dealers should be able to get them …

Will update as i ride more …

Forma Boots in action !! :)
Forma Boots in action !! 🙂