It’s been a while .. !

I’ve been involved, and continue to be involved, in some other projects lately and have completely neglected this site !! And it’s about time that changed.

One of the projects has been a new website … one i’ve been very honoured to have been asked to be involved with. 1979 World Champion Bernie Schreiber visited our riding area last summer (see pervious post) and we struck up a friendship … and he didn’t have an official site to not only showcase his trials career but also to help get the word out about his latest projects and happenings … well that is now sorted, you can visit it at

Visit the site by clicking image above

As for r2wracing … I’ll start to add some of our riding images again soon and also some galleries from events i’ve been too.

And we will have a recap on who is in the r2wracing casual trials team !! 🙂 Sort of like Oceans 11 but all the only con we are doing is making people think we can ride a bit 😀

The practice venue at Frys has taken a bit of a back seat lately, it’s extremely muddy in the winter and unfortunately the carpark is as muddy and shitty as the woods are … plus there’s not enough room for us all to park at present. I’ll still pop back there once things dry up once in a while but we go over to Wales to ride more often now (see photos above) and i may, shock horror, do some more actual trials events this year!

So keep an eye on the site over the next few weeks as i post more images etc etc …

Ooh, and yes thanks to Amped my bike has changed colours again !!