New clothes and graphics .. again !

New colours … in the Rhondda Valley!

Having been very impressed by Toby Martyn’s S3 sponsored clothing when i did the photoshoot for his TRS debut i asked Steve Saunders if they were going to do a replica set of kit with the TRS team logos on … and sure enough there is now a limited edition available!

A huge thanks must go to John Hulme @ Trial Magazine UK for sorting out the kit for me, and Steve Saunders for saving one as they are popular!! Steve also put aside a pair of the lovely S3 Bosco replica gloves for me which he kindly handed over at the Hookwood round of the British Championship.

Another change of colours for the “old” TRS !

Of course, the main reason for loving the new S3 kit is that it just so happens to match the new graphics kit that i asked Amped to produce for me.

I was keen on a bit of red to bring it in to line with the 2020 TRS range but i must admit to missing the yellow as well … TRS’ should have yellow, it’s the law 😉 So i modified the Amped standard 2020 kit with some yellow, and then Steve Saunders suggested that the fuel tank centre graphic from the X-track would fit well … and so it did. I’ve contacted Amped and asked them to replicate it with the X-track working, and put the r2wracing logo there instead. We will see how that looks.

Top of the world Ma … !

The Coronavirus has caused havoc here with any riding now, all comps have been cancelled and almost all practice. Luckily a few days before the enforced shut-down Fran, Dave and i met with Lee, his lad and work mate Dave and his lad over in the Rhondda Valley in Wales for a ride.

The standing joke is that the sun always shines on me in Wales … but we left in torrential rain and drove to within 2km’s of the final stop not being able to see much more than 100 metres ahead. Suddenly as we stopped at the McDonald’s for breakfast just down the road the drizzle almost stopped and by the time we had climbed up the track to the farm it was just a light mist. 30 minutes later it was dry and then we started to see some blue sky!! As you can see from the images above it turned out nice again 🙂

5 hours of riding, and laughing, and many aching joints later we drove home in bright sunshine … a fitting end to our riding for what could be many months.

Stay healthy all … and wash your bloody hand 😉