It’s that time of the year again !!

Cheaper to change the graphics than the whole bike

After switching between the Amped white and red graphics kit for the last year or two I decided I wanted something a bit darker. Almost stealth like …

I also wanted to have something that wasn’t just off the shelf, so that my bike may remain a one-off for a bit longer!

Whilst having been very happy with the Amped kits I thought i’d try somewhere else as Amped are very busy with with motocross and enduro stuff, and they don’t always have the time to start from scratch on a low volume trials kit.

I also wanted to keep it fairly local, so a message was sent to ex British Championship rider Ricky Wiggins who is now part of the Monsters of Dirt graphics company. They are not a million miles away from me, down in Somerset.

We messaged a few ideas around and then he created a test image … after a few changes it was push the button on the printer time … and what you see here is the result of mixing their kit with a few other original TRS graphics that i ordered from SXS … and i like it. Darkened it all down with some subtle dark camo design incorporated and is definitely unique. Not one of 150 like a gold 😉

Whilst doing the colour change I also fitted some brand new TRS RR bars complete with thinner Hebo grips. I have been using the nice S3 clamp on grips but rode a bike with these thinner ones fitted and just felt more in control. Some TRS 280 side panel graphics and fuel tank side flash graphics also came from SXS.

As it was all going to be smartened up i fitted new SXS airbox side and underneath graphics also from SXS. I have gold CSP cnc’d adjusters for the brakes and carb fitted, and a set of S3 bar ends to go back on soon…. and i think the red water pipe has to go at next fluid change!

I have ordered from Pro-bolt some gold anodised engine bolts as well.

My old carbon fibre front disc cover, headlight and fork guards have remained and carbon look-a-like swing arm and silencer covers fitted with some graphics. Gold CSP gear lever and rear brake pedal tips have also been fitted. My fork yokes were previously anodised gold, the mudguard brace in black. The black mudguards are from the Gold TRS model … available again from SXS

Both engine sides have plastic guards fitted, these are from RT-Works

…. I like it, we were going to try a JPS Lotus style black and gold graphics set but i think with the bare alloy frame showing it could have looked a bit strange … but another time perhaps 😉