World Championship winner !!

I have purchased one of Toby Martyn’s 2021 Championship winning 300 TRS UK bikes !!

I’m sure most will realise that during the course of a year riding World and British Championship events, plus some indoor rounds and of course time out practicing, top riders these days will have more than one bike for the year. But I now own one of Toby’s 2021 bikes, complete with ported barrel and high compression head!

To say this bike is way above my ability would be an understatement but it should be funny at least 🙂

Steve Saunders gave the bike a good check over and replaced a few parts, including a flattened front pipe ! But he knew that I was never going to keep the bike looking standard so didn’t go as far as replacing scuffed plastics or damaged graphics etc etc.

I have been amazed over the last few years how many people buy the Race model of whatever their preferred bike make is but then spend hundreds of pounds trying to tame them down so they can ride them, so I am determined to try and learn to ride this bike in it’s full factory world round mode!!! Or find out what hospital food tastes like 😀

The only item not fitted to the bike that was on it when Toby rode it is the rear Reiger shock that has been set up and tuned to Toby’s preference. I have kept my own Reiger from my previous 280 TRS One as it has been fitted with a higher rated spring for my “ahem” extra weight, and also has a softer bump stop fitted as recommended by Steve Saunders a year or so ago. But it turns out mine isn’t that far from Toby’s as he had stiffer spring set-up for the huge sections he rides at World level.

The barrel has been ported by Jack Lee, from John Lee M/C’s. Jack has been a world level minder for many riders and spent a year with Adam Raga, so will know what works on the TRS well. Apparently it cleans the running up all through the range but gives a much better top end … not sure I’ll ever find out about that unless it’s by accident!!

The head also has the high compression insert fitted for extra bark! If i was to ever get brave enough to try something big there is no doubt the bike won’t be the limiting factor.

The headstock shows at least two FIM World round technical control stickers, although i’m not sure which ones they apply too. Not that it matters because just getting to those sections would, i’m sure, be harder than any sections i could ride!

You will notice from the top photo that the bike is already looking a little different than a standard appearance 2021 bike that is in the photo of Toby and myself. Whilst I would love to go fully stealth i thought this bike is too new and has history so i’ll just change the surface looks for a while to suit my desire to never ride a bike that looks like everyone else’s !! I will ask Toby to sign the plastics that I take off and will keep them for show in the garage … proof that someone that could ride a bit once owned the bike at least !

I decided from the off that it was going to get darkened down a bit, so the black front and rear mudguard from the TRS Gold were bought along with the seat unit, front mudguard and rear mudguard graphics from the new 2022 RR. These have more black in them than the 2021 design. SXS already had a couple of sets of the rear mudguard stickers on order from the factory, so they will get fitted as soon as they arrive after the new year break.

I fitted front fork graphics I had laying around spare from a previous years RR and also SXS supplied some carbon effect swing arm covers. Carbon fibre headlight and front exhaust guard have also been fitted, the headlight just for looks and the exhaust because it stops me burning through a hundred quids worth of jeans every time i land under the bike.

SXS/TRS UK also supplied a uk specific wet weather protection kit that fills in the space around the front of the barrel, airbox inlet splash protection and frame side vent covers. They also had airbox graphics for the side and rear, plus the frame front triangle graphic.
S3 brake and clutch lever adjusters in red compliment the red Renthal bars and also S3 brake and clutch reservoir caps will be fitted … talking of the clutch, the faster older small AJP clutch master cylinder lever assembly is also fitted … just so things happen with even more urgency 😀

To come are plastic protectors for the engine side covers from RT-Works and possibly a rear silencer cover for when i go to Wales and land on their rocks. I also have a set of carbon fibre fork guards for the same reason!!

All the remains is to actually ride it … i’m a bit scarred !!!!!!!