The White Fantastic .. !

Well it’s been a busy few months in the garage, and then riding in the 2 day in Jersey.

The 300 Fantic is now running really well, i have used the French spec bike as the base and added a nearly new 249cc barrel, head and piston kit. (the French machines, in case you didn’t know, where 239cc’s for road tax reasons back in the day). I have also fitted and re-jetted a new Mikuni carb as this was an option on the Michaud replica when sold over here.

Still not cut the rear frame loop or cut off the footrest posts so i can fit modern ones but the latter will probably be done soon. Not sure about cutting the loop off as it does give some extra strength to the rear of the frame when i have to pick it off the floor !! 🙂

Anyway, managed a few play rides up at the Zona 1 mcc practice venue … here are a few photos, kindly shot on my camera by riding partner Graham Wignall.

Fantic 300 play april 2016

Nice sunny play on the 300 at the Zona 1 mcc quarry