One has to go!

Something has been mulling around my brain for a while, something I didn’t really want to admit too .. I am not enjoying riding the twinshocks now that I have been out playing on the 305 !! Because I just had the 300 at the time I was riding local twinshock events, but eventually I …

First test of the 305

Steve Saunders giving the 305 a quick test
Steve Saunders giving the 305 a quick test

A request to travel up to the Zona 1 mcc practice quarry to take some images for the Trial Magazine gave me the opportunity to get the 305 out for it’s maiden voyage !
I have just had the barrel re-plated by Langcourts in Weston-Suepr-Mare and Bob Wright supplied a new set of piston rings, so the engine was much quieter now and needed a few hours on it to bed in.

The test for the magazine was on the TRS machinery that Steve Saunders imports, so with him on-site it was common sense to ask an ex Fantic Works rider to give the bike it’s first run and advise.
I had put the bike together basically to see if i had all the needed parts and they worked so i hadn’t actually tested or adjusted anything, it was also fitted with a prototype Hagon rear shock absorber that we are helping to develop so all feedback to them is very helpful.

I won’t go into the detail as it would then make it rather pointless for me to write the article for the magazine … but Steve gave some great advice on front and rear suspension setting, and it was noted that the clutch is probably due some new plates and springs. But other than that all was good .. and the engine is very nice, but i am building a better one to slot in there shortly.

I had a two hour ride after the photoshoot was done and really enjoyed it, amazing how much lighter it feels than the 300 ! I have been getting a little bored with the twinshock events around here as they don’t like to put much hard stuff in the sections so the idea is to ride this 305 in modern bike trials and have a challenge again.

Many thanks to Steve Saunders, John Hulme from the Trial Magazine, Boyeson, Langcourts and Hagon for their help with the 305 … plus more who will all be mentioned when the articles start to flow ! Keep an eye on the Classic Trial Magazine for more news ..

The White Fantastic .. !

Well it’s been a busy few months in the garage, and then riding in the 2 day in Jersey. The 300 Fantic is now running really well, i have used the French spec bike as the base and added a nearly new 249cc barrel, head and piston kit. (the French machines, in case you didn’t …

Got Muddy !!!

Only went and rode in the mud didn’t we ! Bob had his newly finished Yamaha out for the first trial at the Zona 1 mcc event last weekend … I am not a fan of the mud stuff, makes my brain think too much about damaging my knee again, got to try and work …

Hawks Trial May 24th

Although Bank Holiday weekends are not a time i traditionally enjoy travelling up or down the M5 I thought i would give it a go this weekend as it is half term and i figured all the holiday makers have all week to get stuck somewhere else !! The Hawks Motorcycle Club up in Gloucester …