2016 Honda Montesa 4rt

Montesa announced major changes in its Cota 4RT! 06/03/2015 Since the appearance of the model 260 in 2014, Montesa has continued to implement significant improvements in their models of trial.¬†Continuing this trend, Montesa Cota 4RT will continue marketed the 260 and Race Replica, which begin trading by the end of July.¬†In its 2016 version presented Read more about 2016 Honda Montesa 4rt[…]

Gas Gas Raga for sale .. (sold!)

GasGas 300 Raga 2012 It is in very good condition S3 Flywheel weight , Fatbars & S3 Hardrock Footrests fitted . Road Registered currently on sworn. Air filter after every or every other outing depend on the conditions. Gearbox oil changed every 20 hours of use without exception. suspension linkage strip , cleaned and re-greased Read more about Gas Gas Raga for sale .. (sold!)[…]